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Welcome to the family web site of Georgia, Maya, Teresa, Bahíyyih, and Bill Baker.

Active Weblogs
Lemony Webbles Bahíyyih's weblog: the latest pictures and narrative.
Really the best place to go for Baker family news.
Neolefty Less political than it sounds.
Bill's weblog.
Heidi Life is a dance, improvised with those you love.
Heidi lives right across the park in real life.
Adrift Khalil, writing in real-time from his ivory tower (with
recessed lighting) except when he's busy making granola.
Family Photos
Lemony Webbles Bahíyyih puts the latest pictures up on her webble.
Teresa Dorothy Baker Teresa was born February 20, 2005, to Bahíyyih and Bill
Matthew Aaron Baker Matthew was born October 6, 2003, to Heidi and David
Maya Zivar Baker Maya was born June 22, 2001, to Bahíyyih and Bill
Devyn Marshall Baker Devyn was born July 22, 2000, to Heidi and David
Archives Maya, Georgia, Bahíyyih and Bill, 2000-2002
More recent pictures are in Bahíyyih's Webble
Bahíyyih and Bill's Wedding October 10, 1999, Wedding photos and program
Resting Weblogs
Nathonius Rules to live by. Rules that live.
And that carry around a pair of battered cymbals.
Word Liz, although on weblog sabbatical, also used to share
our hard-working basement server. Yay Liz!
Et Cetera
Testing, testing Test installation of WordPress and, eventually, others.
Bill at Work The National Center for Supercomputing Applications
(NCSA) at the University of Illinois
Canadian Citizenship An attempt at humor from April, 2000:
When some people get the joke, and some don't even read it.
Prayer and Fasting Bahíyyih put this compilation together in April, 2000.
It contains selections from the Bahá'í Writings.
Weblog Admin The administrative interface for the weblogs listed above,
just in case one of the authors is at Grandma's house without
bookmarks—hey, it can happen.
Web Mail Google-hosted email for
It's like GMail for your own domain, and it's fabulous.
You can apply to enroll in the beta—I highly recommend it.

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